Q: So when's the next book coming out? 

A: I just started work on Book 7, tentatively titled Ascent. I’m hoping for summer or fall 2019, but we’ll see how the writing goes.

Q: Is Ascent available for pre-order?

A: As of today (mid-February), I’m still writing Chapter 1, so that’s a big no. :-D

Q: What is the best reading order for The Return of the Elves?

A: It's currently pretty straightforward, but I thought I'd add this just in case. The correct order is: Soulbound, Sundered, Exiled, Seared, Abyss, and Awakening. 

Q: How many books will The Return of the Elves series have?

A: I'm not certain, since I'm more of a pantser than a plotter. I know that after Awakening, there will be at least two more, and I suspect more are possible beyond that. We shall see!

Q: I see that Exiled is a novella. Do I have to read it to understand Seared?

A: Well, I try to make all of my books as stand-alone as possible, but you'll understand the series best when you read all of the stories. I know some people dislike novellas, though. You might not get as many of the jokes between Ralan and Delbin, but I think you could read Seared alone if you really wanted to.

Q: Do you have a favorite scene?

A: Yes, but it's purely for reasons of revenge. If you've read Sundered (slight spoiler), you might remember an odd scene when Kai travels to Neor on a rescue mission and enters an inn. There are three people at the table, two dead and one insane. They are based on a group that was cruel to me in a restaurant when my little boy was a baby. The woman who lived was the one who didn't say anything. Probably petty...but oh so satisfying!

Q: How many fae realms are there?

A: Umm...I'm afraid I'm not granted such privileged information. :) Honestly, I don't have a set number. Most realms exist in alternate dimensions, and those are infinite. I doubt even the fae know for sure.

Q: Could you point me to the portal to Moranaia? The Sidhe realms? Anywhere but Earth?

A: Sorry, no. As far as I know, I made the whole thing up. If I'd found a gate, I would have already begged Lyr to let me and my family live on Moranaia. I could earn my keep writing books about crazy humans. Alas, no portal.

Q: Who are your favorite authors? Books?

A: My all time favorite is Mercedes Lackey and her Valdemar series. It's probably best that I've never met her in person, since I'd be sure to embarrass myself within seconds. My tastes are fairly eclectic within both fantasy and romance--Robin McKinley, Terry Brooks, Lynsay Sands, Nora Roberts, etc. I also love books by Jody Wallace, especially her Fey Realm series. I was so jazzed when she agreed to be my editor!

Q: Do you have a map of Moranaia?

A: Well... Technically, I do. But it's hand-drawn and in need of some serious spiffying up (yes, that's a proper term. I *am* from the South, after all). :)

Q: Could you please explain this Moranaian language stuff? So. Flipping. Confused.

A: I finally have a language page up: https://www.bethanyadamsbooks.com/about-moranaia/. I also have plans to add more about the history and culture, but that always takes second place to writing more books. Alas, for more hours in the day!


Any other questions? Feel free to send them to me through the Contact page or online at one of the links below!